★ Summer at the Salem Public Library

Memories of summer mornings at the library can last a lifetime. The blast of cool air at the door forced back summer humidity. Then there was the comforting smell of the collected books. And how about the anticipation you felt as you left the check-out desk, books in hand.

Kids all over are having the same introductory experience this summer. They’re developing library habits. So we thought to take a look in the coming weeks at what some of the special programs at the local libraries, starting with Salem.

salemlibfinal.JPGThe Salem Public Library continues a record of creative community engagement with a whole series of summer events. A charity reading program benefits local nonprofits (the Salem Animal Shelter and the Salem Food Bank) and two West Virginia libraries flooded last year. You can “Build a Better World” by tallying the books you’ve read. Then you get say in how the $1,800 will be distributed.

Other events include a June 10 costumed Wild, Wild West Mystery Night, mandala stone painting, a teen photo contest, and lots of storytimes.  Adult, teen and children activities continue all summer, culminating in an August 5 hootenanny that includes a chance to make your own instrument and play along with Another RoadSide Attraction.   Quick: what American author published a similarly titled novel in 1971?

For adult fiction readers, the Salem Library Book Group meets next at 1 PM on Tuesday, June 27 (the last Tuesday of each month.) The group will discuss Jane Smiley’s Some Luck (Alfred A. Knopf, 2014).

The full list of Salem Public Library Summer 2017 activities is here. Remember, you don’t have to be a kid to go to the library. Recapture the excited curiosity with the summer ahead of you, a stack of books in your arms.  Go. ★


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