★ Let’s talk about it. Why we discuss books together.

roanoke readersA pleasant risk of inventorying the region’s book clubs is getting pulled into them. It’s hard to say no.

Reading is connection. The ‘solitary’ act is really a partnership with the author. For a while, you’re almost in one mind together. So it’s natural then to want to expand that connection to others with others who have had the same experience. And there’s good reason to do it.

Here’s a starter list of benefits and what you’ve added:

  • We check our understanding of the work.
  • We get clarity on what we may not have understood.
  • We apply broader themes from the book to a shared local context.
  • We form and strengthen bonds with other readers.
  • We better understand others in the group – a lifelong neighbor or someone we’ve never met before.
  • We laugh together.
  • We read books we wouldn’t otherwise pick up.
  • We read more, especially with the deadline of the discussion approaching.

I bet there’s a formal list out there, even books written on why we discuss books together – an entire field of study. But first it might be fun to explore it ourselves.

What do you get out of book club discussions? Answer below or on the Facebook page. We’ll post the responses and build them into our BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke Book Club guide.

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