★ Finding Roanoke: Today in the Roanoke Times and Thursday night at Sweet Donkey

darbw“Roanoke’s identity as a great place to live grows from the work of individuals and organizations. But how does it all come together? The answer may be ‘positive proximity.’” From the Oct. 4 Roanoke Times.

Read the opinion piece in the October 4 Roanoke Times for an overview of the Finding Roanoke discussion series based on Dar Williams’ What I Found in a Thousand Towns. Then join us for our first conversation tomorrow night at Sweet Donkey.

6 PM: live music with Chloe Hart.
7 PM: Conversation with Sweet Donkey owners Dustin Eshelman and Ann-Maree White hosted by Brent Stevens.

First, there are spaces, indoors and out, that naturally maximize the number of good interactions in a town.

– Dar Williams

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