★ Words3 moves to third Thursdays in 2018

Words3 or Words, Cubed will be moving to the third Thursday of each month for 2018. There may be some exceptions, but generally count on a writerly bunch gathering at 6 PM at St. John’s Episcopal Church on the corner of Jefferson and Elm, beginning on January 18.

It’s a supportive setting, great for trying out new work as a writer, and a fun place to be as an audience member.

The themes this year:


January: Midwinter
February: Food for Thought
March: The Lion and the Lamb
April: Wanderlust
May: Shadow/Light
June: Something Borrowed
July: Anything Goes
August: The Four Seasons
September: Found Texts
October: Families
November: A First Time for Everything
December: Measuring Time

For more information on Words3, check out the BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke interview with organizer Cara Ellen Modisett.

Want to read? Contact Cara Ellen Modisett below.★


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