★ DOPESICK Launch Day

Congratulations and thank you to Beth Macy for her hard work on a critical topic. Today is launch day for Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America.

9780316551243The book highlights the struggles of individuals and communities dealing with the misuse of opioids in the western part of Virginia. Macy emphasizes the dedicated local leaders working to make a difference against some tough odds. The book will certainly contribute to the national conversation and even more importantly, help us take action.  But first, the impact is individual, for immediately in our reading we’ll better empathize with our neighbors and family members, or we’ll see we’re not alone.

Attend the community conversation on Sunday, August 12, and see the photographs of Josh Meltzer on display currently at the Taubman Museum.

Read some press on the book:
Roanoke Times (August 7)
New York Times (August 3, Audio)
New York Times (July 31)
New York Times (July 25)

Buy the book. ★




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