★ Deschutes Lit: Thursday 5/2

book on platewebA porter with your prose? A pilsner for the poet? Deschutes Brewery (Roanoke Tasting Room) hosts books and brews with local author, Cameron MacKenzie on Thursday, May 2. In this edition of Deschutes Lit, expect to hear Rockbridge County’s Cynthia Atkins and Tech’s Matthew Vollmer.

And of course, there are suggested pairings for the reading. “Try the Thai Chile Ginger for the savory kick of Cynthia Atkins,” offers MacKenzie, “and perhaps the Fresh Haze IPA for the philosophical musings of Matthew Vollmer.”

Be there at 6:30PM (315 Market St, Roanoke) and expect four readers for about an hour’s worth of words.

Prost!  (Or are they saying “prosed”?)★


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