★ Discussion of new Gladwell book to begin Thursday, 11/7

Talking to Strangers (Little, Brown and Company, 2019), the newest book by Malcolm Gladwell, will close out the year for the New Connections: Let’s Talk at the South County Library beginning on November 7.

New Connections: Let’s Talk is an ongoing discussion series. We read and watch books to understand the issues and language that connect us so that we can live better together as a community. This welcoming group is open to the public and is hosted by the great team at the Roanoke County Public Library.

Never joined a book club? This would be a great first one. We read books and watch films in sections to go a little deeper. We focus on how we have the discussion as well as what we’re discussing.

  • Thursday, Nov. 7: First 130 pages (6:30 PM at South County)
  • Thursday, Nov. 21: Second 130 pages (6:30 PM at South County)
  • Thursday Dec. 5: Final 130 pages (6:30 PM at South County)

Listen or read a review on NPR here.

Join us. There’s room for more, and if we get too big, we’ll do smaller group discussions and then come together to compare notes. There’s always room to bring more people into productive conversation!

Fill out the contact form below and we’ll let you now what’s being read next and where we’re meeting.  Feel free to share this page on social media or send this link directly to invite others: https://wp.me/p8fK7m-1j6


I’m interested in New Connections Book Club. Comments:

1 thought on “★ Discussion of new Gladwell book to begin Thursday, 11/7”

  1. Hi Doug—Either the day of the week or the date is incorrect on the Gladwell book discussions…Is it Thursday, December 5 or Tuesday, December 3? Thanks! 🙂 Linda

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