★ Poetry workshops scheduled at Book No Further


Spend a Saturday morning or two focusing on the craft of poetry in the quiet hours of a bookstore.

Book No Further is teaming up with local writer Cathryn Hankla to host poetry workshops during the long holiday weekends of January and February.

Two sessions will be held:

★ Writing Poetry about the Natural World: January 18, 8:30 – 10 AM

Environmentalism has always been alive in poetry, and the recent rise of eco-poetics has brought new focus, as more and more poets attune their skills in celebration, embrace, and elegy of the natural world.  What makes a good description in poetry?  How does a poet observe the world and look inward simultaneously? Come learn more about writing poems that encompass the natural world and get a contemporary anthology of wonderful poems about the flora and fauna of our Southern Appalachian region.

Workshop with Cathryn Hankla, Hollins professor of English & Creative Writing, editor, and author of nine books of poetry, including Galaxies, and Great Bear.

Register here. Admission is $35 and includes a copy of the book A Literary Field Guide to Southern Appalachia.
★ Writing Prose Poetry: February 15, 8:30 – 10 AM

Part of writing a prose poem is trying to define it!  What it is: A little narrative? A tiny essay? A lyric poem in paragraph form?

The answer is all and none of the above.  Come learn more about the prose poem, write and generate ideas for prose poems of your own, and get a brand new anthology of dozens of examples from a range of contemporary practitioners along with their commentaries on their own poems.

Workshop with Cathryn Hankla, Hollins professor of English & Creative Writing, editor, and author of Texas School Book Depository: prose poems, along with more than a dozen other books.

Register here. Seating is limited; admission is $35 and includes a book: The Definitive Anthology of Prose Poetry: A Cast-Iron Aeroplane That Can Actually Fly.

★Register for both workshops $60 with code WKSP2001.



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