★ THE REVIVALIST’s Mark Lynn Ferguson: Roanoke in the Appalachian South (Podcast episode 2.9)


Celebrating 10 years of “Word from the Appalachian South,” The Revivalist’s Mark Lynn Ferguson reflects on Appalachian craft, food and literature in a conversation with BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke‘s Douglas Jackson.

Ferguson is co-owner of Crafteria in downtown Roanoke. The vendor-filled space celebrates contemporary makers of Southern Appalachia craft and includes a retail presence for his blog. In this twentieth conversation of the podcast, Ferguson discusses economic disparity, regional identity, and the resurgence of interest in Appalachian culture.

“Something like vinegar pie comes to mind,” says Ferguson. “That kind of ingenuity is born of necessity.”

Discussed in this episode:

The Revivalist: Word from the Appalahchian South
Sugar Run by Mesha Maren
Crapalachia by Scott McClanahan
Mast General Store

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The sponsor for this season of the podcast is Book No Further.


1 thought on “★ THE REVIVALIST’s Mark Lynn Ferguson: Roanoke in the Appalachian South (Podcast episode 2.9)”

  1. Reminds me Here’s a couple of ideas for your podcast, interview whatever. Apologies if you’ve done them and I don’t recall

    Cameron MacKenzie – novelist, writing instructor at VWCC, host of Deschutes “Get Lit” month reading event. Great speaking voice for a podcast. His book is unusual and one of the better self-published efforts in the area. I like his book because of the language he uses – come by and take a look. https://www.booknofurther.com/book/9781941196618 cam.mac127@gmail.com

    Ken Conklin. He’s a Roanoke Times columnist. RT describes him as “a consultant to the technology industry. He lives in Daleville.” His book Norvel is about an African American from Botetourt County who won a AAU National championship in boxing and boxed at the 1952 Olympics. The book is (physically) the best manufactured self-published book I’ve seen. ken@kennethfconklin.com or you can message him through Facebook

    are you self quarantining or social distancing? Me, I’m just trying to make living. We’re offering curbside pickup and free delivery in the Roanoke Valley.

    Doloris Vest Book No Further

    112 Market St SE | Roanoke, VA 24011 dolorisvest@booknofurther.com | http://www.booknofurther.com 540-206-2505

    “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand” –Neil Gaiman, English author



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