★ Rachelle Kuehl on Reading and Writing Rural  (Podcast Episode 3.6)

What can Appalachian fourth graders tell you about rural lives? A lot, it turns out. Rachelle Kuehl’s dissertation at Virginia Tech focused on the analysis of fourth grade writing to get a better understanding of the role of reading and writing in perceptions of places. Of course long-lived Applachian stereotypes aren’t true, and books and writing can go a long way in helping to rectify them.  Hear more about empathy, stereotypes, self-awareness, and local pride in this episode.

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Rachelle Kuehl, PhD, is postdoctoral associate at Virginia Tech and project manager of the Appalachian Rural Talent Initiative. She is a reading specialist and former elementary teacher whose articles about writing instruction, children’s literature, and teacher education have been published in such journals as the English Journal, Collection Management, Reading in Virginia, the Virginia English Journal, and the Teacher Educators’ Journal. She is coauthor of chapters in What’s Hot in Literacy? Exemplar Models of Effective Practice (2020) and the forthcoming volumes, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Rural Education in the USA and Gifted Education in Rural Schools.

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