★ Designing Creative Communities

We’re taking a look at creating change locally through creative projects in our next Change Academy read.  

A little background:  We’ve been looking for something that was a little action oriented with a focus on how-to. We found a fun book that is available at Book No Further.  While the book is self-published by Spud Marshall through Amazon, you can buy it locally for just under $20 at our city’s independent book store and keep more money in the local economy. Additionally, our partner, Roanoke Public Libraries will have a few copies on hand for loan.

The book is titled: Designing Creative Communities: Your Town is Your Canvas. Learn How to Make Your Mark.

This spring read is also aligned with the Year of the Artist preparations.  Over the next 18 months or so, we are focusing collective energy toward aligning and strengthening the work of individual artists toward outcomes of greater community wellness, justice and inclusion. 

You can learn more about the City’s investments in these areas at https://roanokearts.org/yota/. Grants are available to undertake art projects that advance equity in the ways we’ve been discussing.  Remember the stumbling stones mentioned in Caste and The Cooking Gene?

Note: while this book does not have a specific equity focus, we bring that to the discussion. What’s the connection between fostering a creative community and creative leadership and advancing justice and equity?  We’ll dig into that.
Four in-person sessions will take place on Monday evenings at 6 PM, each at a different branch library.  

Monday, April 11 – Belmont Library – (through page 68) NOTES HERE
Monday, April 25 – Williamson Road Library (page 71 – 162) NOTES HERE
Monday, May 2 – Melrose Library (page 165 – 266) NOTES HERE
Monday, May 9 – Main Library (pages 269-330) and wrap-up. NOTES HERE

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