★ On the podcast: Beth Macy on empathy & the power of listening

Beth Macy’s work (Factory Man, Truevine, Dopesick) is a call to action. From her roots growing up poor in Ohio through a career in journalism and now as bestselling author, the stories she’s gravitated to–those she’s chosen to tell–foster empathy with our neighbors who are suffering and struggling. Now with the opioid crises haven taken more than a million American lives, the need to act, which she so stunningly uncovered in Dopesick, remains urgent.

Podcast episode 3.7 Outsiders & Underdogs: Beth Macy on empathy and the power of listening.

In this podcast conversation, the author hits on the power of individuals and institutions in our communities, the importance of listening, and the need to strengthen our human infrastructure.Beth Macy is the author of three widely acclaimed and bestselling books. Based in Roanoke, Virginia for three decades, her reporting has won more than a dozen national awards, including a Nieman Fellowship for Journalism at Harvard.

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