Book Clubs





  • The Day Avenue Book Club, SW Roanoke, room for a couple more, 4 members
  • Junior League Sustainers, closed, 17 members
  • Lit Wits, Est. 2015, closed, women, many attend the same church, 8 members
  • The Lucyfeet, Est. 1998, closed, women with Hollins ties, restaurant booth limits it to 6 members
  • Nasty Women Book Club, closed, 10 members
  • Barnes & Noble Tanglewood Book Club, first Tuesday, 7 PM
  • Roanoke Fiction Addiction, all women, closed, 6 members
  • Roanoke Gay Men’s Book Club, Est. 2002, third Tuesdays, 8 members
  • Salem Novel Club, closed, 18 members
  • Salem Young Women’s Book Club, Est. 1993, closed, 16 members
  • The Second Thursday Reading Committee, Est. 2012, closed, 9 members
  • Sometimes Tuesdays, Est. 2000, closed, 8 members
  • Too Much on My Plate Book Club, Est. , closed, 9 members
  • Tuesdays with Ruth, Est. 1998, closed, 9 members
  • Wyndham Robertson Library Book Club – Hollins University, staff, faculty, & alumni


How to BOOK CITY a book club:

  1. Get your group counted! Submit a listing.
  2. Follow the active links below to join an open book club.
  3. Consider these tips for welcoming and inclusive book clubs.
  4. Start a club on a specific genre, topic, common life experience, or geography, or maybe try to get the most diverse group you can rally.  Let us know what you want to do, and we’ll help you get the word out.
    • If you or a member of your club live in Franklin County, check out a Book Club Kit for ten. This cool program of the Franklin County Library covers 70 titles.


  1. Instant Book Club Kits from Roanoke County Libraries
  2. Tips for welcoming and inclusive book clubs