Poetry by Heart


Poetry by Heart

Poetry can reach us in surprising ways, and to celebrate National Poetry Month, we gathered in a casual and fun meet-up to share those poems we hold in our hearts. Poetry By Heart is a project of the Dr. Robert L. A. Keeley Healing Arts Program at Carilion Clinic and BOOK CITY ★Roanoke. Watch for more clips and takeaways soon, and maybe even a second annual event.

Here’s what it looked like:

On memorizing poetry. Perhaps a poem has surprised you with insight, lifted you, or made you laugh at just the right time. Try committing it to memory and see how your relationship with it grows. Or dig around for a new poem that interests you.  There are some great National Poetry Month resources that might help you memorize a poem.  Why Learn a Poem by Heart?

Poetry by Heart Video Project
City of Roanoke Council Member Michelle L. Davis
City of Roanoke Vice Mayor Joe Cobb
Soul Sessions’ Harvest Blaque (a.k.a. Bryan Hancock)
★ City of Roanoke Director of Libraries Sheila Umberger
Keeley Healing Arts Artist-in-Residence Sandee McGlaun
Roanoke County Director of Library Services Shari Henry
★ City of Roanoke Public Art Coordinator Susan Jennings
CoLab Director Brad Stephens

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