★ Our favorite literary podcasts

Taking a road trip? Queue up recent episodes of some of these popular literary podcasts for interviews, readings, and discussions of work from your favorite authors. Bookworm ★  He’s one of the best readers in the country, and in a half-hour format, Michael Silverblatt goes deep with authors, often enlightening them on their own work. The show,… Continue reading ★ Our favorite literary podcasts

★ Hayleigh Worgan on chaos and creating complex characters

Hayleigh Worgan

Words surround Hayleigh Worgan. By day, the 2011 Roanoke College graduate can be found connecting young people to books in the Young Adult department of the South Roanoke County Library. She’s also the editorial director of Bella Magazine. And at 27, the writer and visual artist has a YA novel and a collection of poetry… Continue reading ★ Hayleigh Worgan on chaos and creating complex characters