★ Hayleigh Worgan on chaos and creating complex characters

Hayleigh Worgan

Words surround Hayleigh Worgan. By day, the 2011 Roanoke College graduate can be found connecting young people to books in the Young Adult department of the South Roanoke County Library. She’s also the editorial director of Bella Magazine. And at 27, the writer and visual artist has a YA novel and a collection of poetry… Continue reading ★ Hayleigh Worgan on chaos and creating complex characters

★ The Healing Arts: What can poetry do for you?

Curious about the potential of poetry in your life? Pick up a trial size at Carilion Clinic. This week, the Dr. Robert L.A. Keeley Healing Arts Program is marking National Poetry Month with a number of free activities. Healing arts programs like Carilion’s have been shown to raise pain thresholds, reduce the need for pain medications, improve mood, lower blood […]