★ Roanoke’s readers: The Day Avenue Book Club

The Raleigh Court Branch Library Book Group recently read and discussed three short stories, all taking place in libraries. There were thematic similarities across fiction by Bradbury, Borges, and Murakami. The library, it seems, is a pretty apt metaphor for how we try to make sense of a world that we can’t fully comprehend. We may never get to the bottom of the mystery, but we keep trying. We catalog, we index, we capture the world in books. As readers, we explore those worlds alongside the characters. And we do it with other readers – often through organized book clubs.

bookgroupAs part of BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke, we’d like to measure and grow the community network of clubs exploring the world through books.

What you can do. First: if you’re part of an active book group, list your club on BOOK CITY so that we can get a count of how many  we have.

And second: consider joining along on the journey. A number of groups are open to accepting new members. You’ll meet new people and trade insights. Here’s one:

The Day Avenue Book Club has a steady core of four members who live on or near Day Avenue. Plus, there are number of others who join in when they can. It’s a daytime group, and they meet in the neighborhood park when the weather’s good. They read both fiction and non fiction, and the last book they read was Commonwealth by Ann Patchett.  They’ll take new members. Let Jane Conlin know if you’re interested by using the form below.

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