★ Mary Clark Dalton on encouragement, youth, and Sheriff Andy Taylor

Henry County’s Mary Clark Dalton has written seven books for children, including the Rainbow series.

BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke: Tell me a little about one of the books you’re promoting at READ LOCAL.
daltonwebMary Clark Dalton: How it All Started is the first book in my Rainbow’s Promise series.  The book is about a caterpillar, who, being the last in his class to receive his wings, deals with impatience, bullying, boredom and longing. His father promises him when he receives his wings they will have all the colors of the rainbow.  His mother encourages him to be patient and look for things only a caterpillar can do. He reluctantly sets out for adventure.  This book is followed by more adventures for Rainbow as he Learns to Fly, Deals with Pride and Learns the Golden Rule.

BCR: How long have you been writing?
MCD: I started writing when my children were in college, so I’ve been at it about ten years now.

BCR: What about Roanoke inspires your writing?
MCD: I am from Henry County, but I love Roanoke and feel like it is a second home to me. All three of Roanoke’s local stations have given me the privilege of an on-air interview. When others are interested in your stories this is very encouraging!

BCR: That encouragement does help. What else fuels your creativity?
MCD: I have a great love for children. This is what fuels my creativity. I have a burden for high-risk children. I write stories children can enjoy and learn from at the same time. I believe every child can reach their full potential with the right mentorship and encouragement!

BCR: And Rainbow’s lessons for dealing with bullying and working through the impatience that we have when we’re young help readers with their own challenges.
MCD: Exactly!

BCR: What challenge are you currently addressing in your writing?
MCD: The challenge I am facing is exposure. I would love to reach a greater audience with my books.
BCR: How is another fictional character a model for how we might live today?
MCD: One of my favorite fictional characters is Andy Taylor of the Andy Griffith show. Who among us have not learned a valuable lesson on the important things in life from America’s dad?

BCR: We were right there with Opie. ★

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