★ Too much on their plates? It doesn’t stop these readers

book on plateweb

People often say that they would read if they only had the time. Not so for a local book group whose name reflects this particular challenge.  These ladies are busy, but they commit to reading just the same.

The “Too Much on My Plate Book Club” has been meeting for 15 years.  The original members all worked together, and they each loved to read. While many of the founding group cycled out through the years, new members replaced them. The group currently has a full complement of nine members.

“The ladies are from varied backgrounds, education levels, and life experiences,” says member Candice Puckett. The eclectic group reads an equally eclectic selection of books, and recent titles include Small Great Things, The Girl with Seven Names, The Girls, and Beth Macy’s Truevine.

“We love to get together and discuss the current selection,” says Puckett. We eat, drink, and offer opinions on the books and on a wide variety of subjects. There’s never too much on our plates to engage in this way.”

Perhaps on those already full plates these ladies just find a little more room for the important things, like books. ★


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