★ Dar Williams’ WHAT I FOUND IN A THOUSAND TOWNS Now Available

darbwCongratulations to Dar Williams on the publication of What I Found in a Thousand Towns: A Traveling Musician’s Guide to Rebuilding America’s Communities One Coffee Shop, Dog Run, & Open-Mike Night at a Time.

BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke will welcome Dar to Roanoke on December 11. Leading up to the event, we’ll have chapter discussions on most weeks beginning on October 5. The first event will be at Sweet Donkey Coffee House in conjunction with CityWorks (X)po.

SO…here’s what you can do.

  1. Run out to Barnes and Noble. Buy the book locally and you’ll receive a free ticket to the December 11 dinner with Dar Williams and Beth Macy. What a bargain! Go ahead and pay the local cover price of $27. It’s a great value, and you’ll contribute to our tax base.  When else does a book include dinner and a show?
  2. Read the book.  The reviews so far are really strong.
  3. Join the Finding Roanoke conversation. We’ll use the book as a framework for a look at how individuals and organizations in Roanoke are building an stronger community and local identity. Here are the details.  More will shape up over the coming weeks.
  4. Listen to Dar’s interview with Roanoke’s Brad Stephens on the Big Ideas for Better Places podcast.
  5. Sign up for updates. Here’s where: details and links about the book and the series.  More details will shape up over the coming weeks, so bookmark it!★

finding roanoke b&w

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