★ Local authors, local impact: Shop Small Saturday (Nov. 25) at Book No Further

Book No Further will celebrate Small Business Saturday (November 25) with a local author signing from 10 AM to 4 PM.

shopsmallAn annual event the Saturday following Thanksgiving, Shop Small Saturday was begun by American Express in 2010. Momentum has built, and by last year, the national effort brought out an estimated 112 million shoppers.

Independent and locally owned businesses contribute to the character and economic strength of our place, and for BOOK CITY residents, a local bookstore tops the list as a place builder.

“Part of loving where you live,” says Melody Warnick, who will be signing, This is Where You Belong, a book on just that subject, “is feeling like the people who live in your city are your kind of people—and my peeps are almost always book people. Especially I love the hard-core book people who like hanging out in the stacks and spending money on the physical artifacts. So a thriving indie bookstore acts like a blinking welcome sign for me and everyone like me. It says, ‘You belong here.’ It makes us want to stay.”

BNF blackandwhite“An independent bookstore feels like home,” says Frances Curtis Barnhart, author of The Beauty of Impermanence. “It gives us a community of readers and writers that are able to share ideas about books and  events. It brings me joy to be in the atmosphere of books and book people. I so welcome Book No Further to Roanoke.”

The following writers will visit with readers and sell their books through Roanoke’s newest independent bookstore.



“In all my travels, ” adds participating author Terah Cox, “I have found independent bookstores to be the inspiring heartbeat of a community’s curiosity, and its willingness to engage intelligence, wisdom and creative thinking. ‘I read, therefore I am (more than I might have otherwise been)!'”

Feel that heartbeat on Saturday. Join bookseller Doloris Vest, local writers, readers and holiday shoppers this year at Book No Further, and use the Shop Small Map to plan your entire day of shopping locally. ★

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