★ On local voices and local support at Book No Further

writesIn a BOOK CITY, we each have a voice.  We use it to connect, to advocate, to share, to teach, and to question. We do this with words on paper, with some of that writing getting polished up into printed form. And now that we have a responsive local book store that emphasizes the work of local authors, it’s even easier to get those written words into the world.

Author Shanna Flower

Yesterday I ran into Shanna Flowers at Book No Further. She was readying her new release for the shelves and working with bookseller Doloris Vest. Vest was clearly pleased to carry Flowers’ new book of Christian meditations, THE BEAUTY OF THE BUT.

Former Roanoke Times Editor Carole Tarrant first shared Shanna’s efforts with me in an email. Then today, Ms. Flowers was featured in Dan Casey’s column. Later this week Flowers will have a book signing at Shiloh Baptist Church at 201 S. Market St. in Salem (Wednesday, 12/20 from 7 to 8 PM.)

This series of events feels like a community organizing to support the efforts of its members. It feels like a BOOK CITY, a population at work.

BNF blackandwhiteIf you had to, I suppose you could buy Flowers’ book through a faceless cyberstore. But go instead to the 16 West Marketplace (16 West Church Ave in downtown Roanoke) and purchase it locally. Anything can happen in a bookstore. Strike up a conversation with Ms. Vest and some other customers. They’re neighbors and members of our community, and we’re lucky to have them.  ★



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