★ It’s National Poetry Month: Try Poetry by Heart

poetry-by-heart-e1554123937175.pngPoetry can reach us in surprising ways, and to celebrate National Poetry Month, we’re coming together in a casual and fun meet-up to share those poems we hold in our hearts.

Perhaps a poem has surprised you with insight, lifted you, or made you laugh at just the right time. Try committing it to memory and see how your relationship with it grows. Or dig around for a new poem that interests you. Take the next four weeks to memorize it, and then join us on Monday, April 29 to share it.

Monday, April 29 at 7 PM
Java the Hutt Coffee Shop
Roanoke Memorial Hospital Lobby
1906 Belleview Avenue

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Meet new people. Share a poem from memory, or just come to connect and listen.  This event is open to the community. If you want to be here, you belong here. The evening will be filled with:

  • Poetry and poetry lovers
  • Haiku from the Carilion Clinic Employee Haiku Contest
  • Employee Haiku Contest awards
  • Refreshments
  • Giveaways
  • Good people & good poetry

How to share your poem: Just pop up and recite a short poem or part of a poem you know by heart. You can introduce it with a sentence or two to share who wrote it and why it’s in your heart. Props or costumes? Sure. Why not? It’ll be a supportive and encouraging group.

There are some great National Poetry Month resources that might help you memorize a poem.

Have a question? Contact the Dr. Robert L. A. Keeley Healing Arts Program at healingarts@carilionclinic.org or use the form below.  Add the Facebook event to your calendar here.

Poetry By Heart is a project of the Dr. Robert L. A. Keeley Healing Arts Program at Carilion Clinic and BOOK CITY ★Roanoke.

Keeley     CCfoundation    cropped-cropped-cropped-book-city1.png



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