★ Sharing the Human Experience with Soul Sessions’ Bryan Hancock (Podcast Episode 1.3)

Identity and Action: Season one of the BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke podcast continues with a conversation with Bryan Hancock, the founder and host of Soul Sessions, Roanoke’s open-mic spoken word evening. Also known as performer Harvest Blaque, Hancock has built a supportive and inclusive environment for sharing original work and celebrating others.

hancockThis season of the podcast we’re looking at our engagement with the written word—how it shapes our identity and how we put that into action in the world around us. As Bryan Hancock does just that, he is modeling what it means to explore the self in an imperfect world, one that we can keep improving together.

Soul Sessions has been running for five years now, and is currently hosted at spots like Morning Brew Coffee at the Taubman, The Spot on Kirk, and soon special Sunday events at the Grandin Theatre. If you haven’t attended, join in when it kicks off the next season on September 11. Until then, check out Bryan in this week’s podcast, in which he talks about the how and why of sharing personal truths, listening, empathy, and building community.

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Production assistance was provided by Agape Podcasts. The BOOK CITY Roanoke Podcast is sponsored by Book No Further, Puttin’ Ideas in Your Head since 2017.




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