★ I might as well be hugging a book: Star City Reads’ Marissa Mazek Blankinship (Podcast Episode 1.4)

Identity and Action: A conversation with Star City Reads’ Marissa Mazek Blankinship continues season one of the BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke podcast. This season, we’re taking a look at our engagement with the written word—how it shapes our sense of self and how we put that into action in the world around us.

What we read, especially at a young age, shapes our perceptions of the world. It shapes how we interact with others. It shapes how we think about ourselves.

Marissa Mazek Blankinship

Marisa Mazek Blankinship is a writer, a staff member at Roanoke Public Libraries, and a stronghold in Roanoke’s efforts around literacy advocacy and action. She coordinates the collaborative third grade-level equivalency effort Star City Reads, now bringing together more than 30 organizations effecting measurable change. At BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke, we call that city building. Listen to the conversation below or wherever you grab your podcasts. Learn more about her efforts and the books that have inspired her journey.

Books mentioned in the episode:

Production assistance is provided by Agape Podcasts. The BOOK CITY Roanoke Podcast is sponsored by Book No Further, Puttin’ Ideas in Your Head since 2017.




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