★ A Midsummer’s Night Stream

ears2wideWith the release of episode 5 this week, we’re halfway through season one of the BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke Podcast. Have you listened in yet? In each half-hour conversation we sit down with a city builder and dive into what has turned out to be a rich theme: Identity and Action.  How does the written word helped shape a sense of self, and then how do we put that to work into the world around us.

Just to encourage you to subscribe, listen, and rate the podcast, here are the conversations to date. Watch for the next release on Thursday, August 22: Roanoke County Director of Libraries Shari Henry.

Heath Hardage LeeWomen in Action: Learning from hidden histories
Ben Bazak and Gail SteeleOn The Second Mountain
Soul Sessions’ Bryan HancockSharing the Human Experience
Marissa Mazek BlankinshipI might as well be Hugging a Book
Cathryn HanklaOn Roaming with the Self and Books through Lost Places

The theme for season two is rumored to be something like: The Personal Renaissance: Writing, books, and living the next chapter.  Have thoughts on what might make a good episode in that series? Contact Douglas Jackson below:

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