★ Uncovering ourselves through poetry with poet Ashley Rhame (Podcast Episode 1.8)

Identity and Action: Season one of the BOOK CITY ★Roanoke podcast continues with poet Ashley Rhame.  Ashley writes and performs with astonishing frequency. She’s active in bringing people together in The Speakeasy, evenings of music and poetry. She is the program lead for Girls Rock Roanoke, and she works full time for Roanoke Public Libraries at the new Melrose Branch. 


“Without poetry, I don’t know who I would be,” says Rhame.

In this episode, Rhame performs the poem “The Color of My Soul”, a poem through which Rhame uncovered aspects of who she is in the world. It’s a topic she uses to engage young people, who she says, need to know who they are to navigate the world around around them. Words help.

Listen to this City Builder, and share her joy for writing, performing, and caring for the people sharing the neighborhood and the world around her.

Books mentioned in the podcast:
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