★ On writing and the word constructs we are, with Jeanne Larsen, writer (Podcast Episode 1.10)



The exploration of Identity and Action continues with Writer Jeanne Larsen. With the poet, novelist, and essayist we explore how the written word shapes our sense of self and how we put that into work in the world around us. “You need to find the words that put who you are as you perceive yourself out there into the world,” says Larsen.

Jeanne Larsen, writer, spent a career at Hollins University and is now professor emeritus. She is most recently the author of What Penelope Chooses (Cider Press Review, 2019). She describes the work as a “sassy lyrical footnotes to Homer” in which she responds to characters from The Odyssey and The Iliad.

Larsen gives us a reading of the poem “This is a Dream Odysseus Tells No”, talks of the “quiet, connected feeling we when we write,” and reflects on a career of introducing students to the works that change us.

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