★ Writing and Reading as an Act of Rebellion with Brad Stephens (Podcast Episode 1.11)

Our exploration of Identity and Action wraps with podcast producer Brad Stephens. In this episode, we look back at the entire season. We’ll talk about books, many of this season’s guests, and what these conversations are adding up to, touching on

  • empathy and books,
  • books and the unlikeable,
  • writing and wisdom,
  • the complexity of each of us.

Brad has worked for years in finding ways to encourage positive action and support ambitious efforts to improve our community. He’s also a good reader and in this episode, he shares some of the books from his shelf and even one he hasn’t been able to make it through. He also tells of his journaling strategy, which I think will make an impression on you.


Listen to the podcast below or wherever you stream your podcasts.

Books mentioned in this episode:
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