★ Thursday: Arts & Humanities in the City of Roanoke

71574212_2426221834129274_3218001948720496640_nOn Thursday, October 10, Americans for the Arts will be in town to release local data on the impact of arts and culture in the City of Roanoke. Of course, residents of a BOOK CITY know there’s something to this. We use the arts and humanities to connect us, to go deeper, to better understand how we live in the world. We use them to engage, entertain, and enlighten.

Much of the conversation on Thursday will be about the economic impact. Randy Cohen, Americans for the Arts’ Vice President of Research and Policy will present a report commissioned by the Roanoke Cultural Endowment to the City Council at 2 PM. And that economic impact is meaningful. When we discuss jobs and livelihood, household income and economic security, we’re talking about a critical foundation for living a safe, satisfactory, and quality life. Economic status and education are two critical determinants, and the arts and humanities contribute in both components.

But we can do more with them as well. Be part of the conversation with Mr. Cohen on Thursday, October 10, by:

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