★ On gathering Nourishing Stories with Journalist Christina Nifong (Podcast Episode 2.1)


Season two of the BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke podcast launches with Douglas Jackson in conversation with freelance journalist and local foods advocate Christina Nifong. In her profiles of Roanoke area residents, Nifong plays the cinematographer.  “I’m always trying to decide when to go in tight and when to pull back,” she says. The telling detail help us understand her subject, and these individual stories help us understand the broader place.

Nifong recently penned a story for The Roanoker, “What Makes Roanoke, Roanoke?” In this episode she talks about what she found out in the many conversations she had in writing it and she talks about the changes and trajectory of her own life as mother and professional.

Follow Christina Nifong’s writing and projects in her Nourishing Stories newsletter available at christinanifong.com.


Some of what you heard about in this episode:
“What Makes Roanoke, Roanoke?” The Roanoker Magazine
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
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