★ Artist Katherine Devine: Reading and laughter in a life of creativity (Podcast Episode 2.4)

Roanoke artist Katherine Devine joins host Douglas Jackson for a discussion of books that have shaped her identity as an artist. “Writing and Reading is really how I make decisions about my life,” says Katherine.

In the sense of personal transformation, Katherine is steadily at work. If you’re a fan of memoir and art, creative thought and reflection, you’ll enjoy this conversation with a working artist.

devinewideKatherine Devine received her undergraduate degree in art from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, and her Masters degree from Hollins University. She received the Woman of Achievement Award in Art from DePaul Community Resources in 2011, and the People’s Choice, Top Three Best Local Artists, from the readers of Roanoke’s City Magazine in 2013.   She has over 25 years experience teaching art to all ages and has exhibited original artwork and facilitated art workshops at schools, museums, art shows, festivals and community events throughout the Roanoke ValleyVisit Katherine’s website.



Check out these titles mentioned in the conversation:



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1 thought on “★ Artist Katherine Devine: Reading and laughter in a life of creativity (Podcast Episode 2.4)”

  1. What intriguing ideas in this conversation! I especially liked the connection between art and reading that Katherine shared. She made me want to read every book she mentioned!


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