★ Kris Spisak on the podcast: Empowerment in the editing process (Episode 2.11)


Roanoke native Kris Spisak writes, edits, and coaches writers through professional services, a podcast, a blog, two books, and creative workshops. In this conversation with BOOK CITY Roanoke’s Douglas Jackson, Spisak discusses the thought process, common mistakes made by beginning writers, why grammar matters, and how it just might be fun.

“Everyone has a voice and stories to share,” says Spisak. Good editing can “empower them, help get them out in the world.”

Spisak is most recently the author of The Novel Editing Workbook. A former college writing instructor, having taught at institutions including the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University, Kris is now an active speaker, workshop leader, and freelance editor. She is the board chair of James River Writers and is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, the Virginia Writers Club, and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

Mentioned in this episode:

kris-spisak.com or getagriponyourgrammar.com
Words You Should Know podcast
★ Roanoke Regional Writers Conference
★ James River Writers
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This season of the BOOK CITY Roanoke podcast is sponsored by www.Booknofurther.com.

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