★ Roanoke County Director of Libraries Shari Henry on “First Learned, Last Lost”

Roanoke County Director of Libraries Shari Henry memorized a poem for National Poetry Month and our Poetry by Heart project.

The poem “First Learned, Last Lost” is by Darby Lyons, a Henry’s high school classmate. “Seeing her passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter encouraged me to read poetry more,” said Henry. Learn more about Darby Lyons and her poetry below.

Then dig into some poetry yourself. Share a poem in your heart on April 29.  We’re doing this in collaboration with Carilion Clinic’s Dr. Robert L.A. Keeley Healing Arts program.  Memorize part of a poem and share why it’s important to you at our casual coffee-house style gathering at Java the Hutt in the lobby of Roanoke Memorial Hospital on April 29th at 7 PM.

★ Read the full poem at SWWIM.org, and hear Shari’s take on it below.
★ Share some of your Poetry by Heart on April 29.
Why learn a poem by heart?
★ See others share Poetry by Heart in more short videos.

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