★ Susan Jennings in the Gainsboro Library “Reading Garden”

“Reading Garden”,  the cluster of limestone book furniture outside the Gainsboro Library is chock full of poetry. Colorado artist Madeline Weiner developed the 2009 work through public workshops and calls for work from the neighborhood. She then carved selected works into the sculpture.

“Library” by the late Anna Lucas, then a 16-year old student at Roanoke Catholic High School, was chosen for the open pages of one of the stone books.

“Reading Garden” can be experienced by visiting and taking a seat to read, contemplate, or talk with a neighbor. Until then, here’s Roanoke Arts and Cultural Coordinator Susan Jennings marking National Poetry Month with “Library”.

★ Check out other works in Roanoke’s Public Art Program, now 10 year old.
★ Share some of your Poetry by Heart on April 29.
Why learn a poem by heart?
★ See others share Poetry by Heart in short videos.

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