★ Cathryn Hankla on roaming with the self through books and LOST PLACES (Podcast Episode 1.5)


A conversation with the thoughtful and prolific Cathryn Hankla adds to our collective thinking around Identity and Action. In this season in the podcast, we’re taking a look at our engagement with the written word—how it shapes our sense of self and how we put that into action in the world around us.

Cathryn Hankla is a writer, an artist, and a professor of English at Hollins University.  She is the author most recently of Lost Places: On Losing and Finding Home (Mercer University Press, 2018).

The most rewarding thing about this book so far is how people connect to it. You’re reading my book, but you’re making your own book, the book of your life…

Cathryn Hankla


The works brings together memoir, criticism, and descriptive writing toward a mosaic of our relationship to place and home in a collection of interwoven essays. In this half-hour conversation, she talks with Douglas Jackson about how she came to books and how they help us understand ourselves and those around us.

Many people think they can solve their problems by doing a geographic, but I think oppositely–you’ve got to dig in where you are, go deeper with it, find the connections and the web of experiences and people that are right there and you’re not seeing because you’re miserable in your own mind.

Cathryn Hankla

Books and authors mentioned in the episode:
★ Access to others and the self in Henry James
Waiting by Ha Jin
★ Lost Places: On Losing and Finding Home by Cathryn Hankla

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