★ Game of (micro) phones


Season two of the BOOK CITY ★ Roanoke Podcast is on its way. In fact, expect the first episode to hit your podcast service on Thursday, 1/16.

That means it’s time to binge all 11 episodes of season one to be ready for season two, just like you did with Stranger Things.

What happened last season?  Well, we had eleven conversations on the topic of Identity and Action – how the written word helps shape our lives and how we put that into action in the world around us, featuring a host of thoughtful readers, writers, and change makers:

1.1) Heath Hardage LeeWomen in Action: Learning from hidden histories
1.2) Ben Bazak and Gail SteeleOn The Second Mountain
1.3) Soul Sessions’ Bryan HancockSharing the Human Experience
1.4) Marissa Mazek BlankinshipI might as well be Hugging a Book
1.5) Cathryn HanklaOn Roaming with the Self and Books through Lost Places
1.6) Shari HenryTechnology and empathy in the library’s welcoming space
1.7) Gregory Samantha RosenthalLesbian cat fiction and a collected past at the Roanoke Memorial LGBT Library
1.8) Ashley Rhame ★ Uncovering ourselves through poetry
1.9) Vice Mayor Joe Cobb ★ Creating the space for ourselves and others
1.10) Jeanne Larsen ★  On writing and the word constructs we are
1.11) Brad Stephens ★ Writing and reading as an act of rebellion

How are we going to top that? By continuing the conversation…with folks like Hoot and Holler’s Lee Hunsaker, City Council Member Bill Bestpitch, and freelance journalist Christina Nifong (all pictured above, clockwise from top left), just to name a few.

This year’s theme: The Next Chapter: Books, writing and my personal renaissance.

Join us!

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